Hiring an Attorney to Fight Child's Criminal Charges

No parent is prepared to hear the news that their child has been engaged in criminal activity. The frustration, stress and concern for the child can be unbearable, especially when formal criminal charges have been levied. If your child is arrested and charged with a crime, you need to hire an attorney familiar with the juvenile court system.

Not all defense attorneys are experienced in this practice area. The last thing you want is to leave your child's freedom or fate to a lawyer without the legal knowledge of juvenile court proceedings. At Hunt Law, we help parents protect their children from harsh criminal penalties and life-altering criminal convictions.

Can You Hire An Attorney For a Child in Youngstown?

In Youngstown, the defendant doesn't have to be the person hiring or paying the lawyer. Therefore, you can hire a Youngstown juvenile criminal attorney on behalf of a child who depends on you financially.

In cases where you can't afford to hire an attorney for your child, the state may appoint a lawyer for them. While the state-provided lawyer may represent your child, it's better to consider hiring an attorney who will spend time and offer a personalized representation.

Qualities of a Good Juvenile Criminal Attorney

  • Knowledge - Your choice of a juvenile criminal lawyer should be someone familiar with the court judges and local prosecutors. The attorney should also be knowledgeable with initial case processing, scheduling, assignments, and postponements, giving them an advantage in the defense case.
  • Experience - Your juvenile defense lawyer should have experience defending clients with similar cases. The lawyer's experience helps when creating a defense strategy for your child's case. Consider checking the lawyer's previous record of juvenile court cases. At Hunt Law, we have a wealth of experience handling juvenile court cases, thus offering the peace of mind you need knowing that your child’s interests and rights are safeguarded.
  • Reputation- A reliable juvenile defense attorney should have a consistent record of getting favorable outcomes for their client's case. You can check the lawyer's reputation by reviewing the previous cases and testimony of past clients.

Bailing Your Child Out of Jail

If your child is currently in jail, Hunt Law attorneys can intervene to provide a solution as soon as possible. We will discuss with your child to support them morally and ensure they understand we are ready to defend them. Then, we will apply for a bail hearing to convince the judge why they should release the kid from custody.

Contact Our Youngstown Juvenile Criminal Attorney

If your child has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you might need a juvenile defense attorney to offer legal representation. At Hunt Law, you can find an attorney to safeguard your child's rights and ensure they get a fair hearing. Contact us today to schedule a legal consultation with one of our attorneys and see how we can help in your child’s case.