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Confidence In Your Case

Whatever the case may be – Hunt Law, LLC is here to help. We have the knowledge and experience that you need on your side in the courtroom and we will represent your interests in criminal defense, child custody, personal injury, divorce and accidental injury cases. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Fighting For You

An Ohio Civil & Criminal Defense Attorney Who’s By Your Side

With offices in Warren, OH and Canfield, OH – Attorney Adam Hunt and his team at Hunt Law LLC are here to provide you with the representation you need in your court case. No matter what you face in the courtroom – from a simple traffic violation to felony criminal charges – you can place your trust and confidence in the Hunt Law Team.

We are proud to serve the families and communities of the Warren, Canfield, Leavittsburg, Bolindale, Youngstown,

Howland Center, Vienna Center and Trumbull County area at Hunt Law LLC. Our experience in the courtroom extends beyond criminal cases and includes divorce settlements, child custody cases, juvenile court cases, personal injury cases and more.

We are experienced, passionate and dedicated to service at Hunt Law LLC and you can count on us to be by your side in the courtroom.


Over a Decade of Experience

Attorney Adam Hunt has been helping individuals and families in Warren, Ohio, Canfield, Ohio, and the surrounding Ohio communities for over a decade. From complex criminal defense cases to divorce and personal injury, Adam Hunt continues to provide confident and passionate representation for matters of any size. With Adam Hunt, you can be sure to have confidence in your case.

When we have confidence in your case, you can too.


– Adam Hunt



Confident Legal Services for

Individuals and Families

Warren Criminal Defense Attorney
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Warren Criminal Defense Attorney

Warren Family Law Attorney
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Warren Family Law Attorney

Warren DUI Defense Attorney
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Warren DUI Defense Attorney

Warren Juvenile Law Attorney
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Warren Juvenile Law Attorney

Warren Personal Injury Attorney
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Warren Personal Injury Attorney

You Deserve Confident Representation

Why Choose Hunt Law?

Why should you choose Hunt Law to represent you and your case? It is a fair question to ask. Hunt Law LLC possesses the knowledge and experience in the courtroom to represent you no matter what your case may be and we have the dedication and passion to ensure you receive justice in the courtroom.


Hunt Law LLC has the knowledge and experience to support you in a wide range of legal services. Our primary legal areas include criminal defense, DUI/OWI defense, automotive accident representation, juvenile law, personal injury representation, divorce representation, child custody representation and child/spousal support.

Hunt Law LLC has offices located at – 8345 East Market Street in Warren, OH and at 106 S. Broad Street in Canfield, OH – and we represent many communities in the Trumbull County area. No matter where you live in Warren, Canfield, Youngstown, Leavittsburg, Bolindale, Lordstown and the local area, the Hunt Law Team is ready to assist you in your court case.

We are here to help at Hunt Law LLC – and that means anytime and anywhere. Contact our law offices in Trumbull County today and we will schedule a FREE legal consultation that fits your schedule to ensure that Hunt Law is the right fit for your legal case.

We understand that choosing legal representation is a choice that can impact the rest of your life – and it is not an easy decision to make. Hunt Law LLC and Attorney Adam Hunt want to be there to help in any way we can. We are proud to be the attorney you choose and we will represent you with passion, dedication, knowledge, experience and all of the legal assets at our disposal. We will be an aggressive representative of your case in the courtroom and a compassionate ally.


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