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After an arrest for a drug possession charge in Ohio, most people want to know how it could affect their job. Employers may take a knee-jerk approach, firing the worker who has been arrested for this offense. Fortunately, that is not always the case with these situations. What can you expect from your employer? Here are a few points to keep in mind when it comes to drug possession and employment. 

How Do Employers Handle Drug Possession Arrests?

Most employers will not immediately terminate an individual’s employment after an arrest for drug possession. However, their actions will depend on the seriousness of the charge and where the arrest occurred. For example, if you were arrested on the business’s property or driving a company vehicle, you can expect to be terminated immediately. 

Most workplaces have rules and guidelines on handling employee behavior, even off the clock. Many businesses do choose to give their workers personal time to address these legal issues, especially if there is a possibility of only community service and probation. 

After an arrest, you may want to tell an employer about your pending legal situation. If you plan to take time off for hearings, attorney consultations, and a possible trial, then informing your employer about an arrest could be in your best interests. 

Sometimes, you will want to be upfront and honest about the arrest. In most situations, your employer should hear an explanation of the event from you. Remember though, that unless specified in an employee handbook, you are never obligated to disclose your legal matters to an employer. 

Any defendants who are terminated for drug possession should notify their attorney. Depending on the circumstances of the termination, it could be considered a discriminatory action, leading to a civil lawsuit against the business. 

However, there are many factors at play with these cases. Generally, employers have a valid reason to fire a worker with cause in these situations, such as missing work due to court hearings and incarceration. 

What Are Possible Outcomes to My Employment Status?

Specific factors related to the case will determine your employment status after a drug possession charge. After you have been arrested or formally charged with the crime, an employer has several options, such as:

  • Issuing a temporary suspension of your employment
  • Offering job reinstatement contingent upon an acquittal
  • Terminating employment with the company

In some cases, defendants may want to sit down with their employer to answer any questions about the potential implications of these charges. Your criminal defense attorney may even be able to prepare a formal statement to help answer any inquiries concerning your legal situation. There is no wrong or right way to handle this matter, as your actions will depend on the circumstances of your arrest and pending case. 

What Should I Do If I’m Charged With Drug Possession in Ohio?

If you are charged with drug possession in the state of Ohio and are worried about your job, reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide you with guidance and advice. At Hunt Law LLC, we have over a decade of experience helping answer questions and defending individuals charged with drug possession crimes. Call us at 330-469-9836 for a free consultation today!