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Individuals, including non-citizens residing in Ohio, often face severe consequences from drug possession charges. Non-citizens convicted of drug possession may encounter immigration issues that impact their ability to stay in the country, apply for citizenship, or re-enter the United States. Learn how to minimize these life-changing immigration consequences of Ohio drug possession charges. 

No matter your status, you need to seek the legal advice of a qualified drug possession attorney — contact Hunt Law LLC to schedule a consultation. 

Understanding Drug Possession Charges

Under state laws, drug possession occurs when an individual “knowingly obtains, possesses, or uses a controlled substance.” While not an exhaustive list, these controlled substances often include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs. 

These penalties for drug possession vary based on the severity of the charge, ranging from fines to jail time. For example, a first-time offender with a small amount of marijuana may face a fine, while a repeat offender with a large quantity of heroin could spend several years in prison.

Possible Immigration Consequences of These Charges 

A drug possession charge in Ohio can seriously affect anyone, especially a non-citizen. If you have been charged and convicted of a drug possession offense, some scenarios may include:

  • Denied Entry: If a drug possession charge is on your record, you could be considered “inadmissible” to the United States. You will be denied entry even with a green card or valid visa. 
  • Deportation: With a conviction of this crime, you may be eligible for deportation from the country. 
  • Visa Revocation. A conviction could make you ineligible to remain in the United States, leading to a revocation of your visa.

A simple conviction could affect your ability to work and live in the United States. Additionally, it could impact your eligibility to become a permanent citizen. With the severity of these potential penalties, you will want a knowledgeable drug possession criminal defense attorney to handle your case. 

Non-Citizens Have Legal Options

While many non-citizens worry about seeking legal advice, it is imperative to reach out to an attorney for help. These cases will not go away or be dismissed without assistance from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. 

While the exact circumstances of your case will determine your course of action, some defense strategies could include:

  • Challenging the search validity: Your attorney could argue that the search was unconstitutional, leading to the dismissal of charges.
  • Negotiating a plea bargain: Sometimes, your lawyer can arrange a plea bargain to reduce the charges to a lesser offense, resulting in less severe immigration consequences.
  • Seeking a diversion program: Some jurisdictions provide programs for first-time offenders, allowing you to undergo drug treatment or complete community service in exchange for dropped charges. 

Any criminal charge can jeopardize the future of non-citizens in Ohio, especially those involving drug possession. With proper legal assistance, the consequences of these charges may be reduced, increasing your chances of staying in the country. 

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