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It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are right around the corner where people go out to work parties, friend houses, and family get-togethers. Where you may forget how much you had to drink before you get behind the wheel. It’s no surprise that there is an uptick in drunk drivers during this time of the year, you have off of work and there are more events one after another. You’ll want to be smart about how much you consume at these events in order to avoid an OVI/DUI over the holidays. 

What are the consequences of an OVI/DUI in the state of Ohio?

If you are caught on the road while operating a vehicle under the influence under any type of intoxication you could be facing jail or prison time, license suspension, community service or some hefty fines. OVI/DUI penalties are reported with how many times you have been caught, your first time will have different consequences than your third. If this is your first time being caught while operating a vehicle under the influence you’ll be starting down roughly three days of incarceration or could be as much as six months. You’ll have a fine starting at $375, and a license suspension for 1-3 years. These numbers may change depending on how many times you have been booked for an OVI/DUI.

What is considered an OVI/DUI?

Every state is different on what your Blood Alcohol Concentration should be to be deemed operating a vehicle under the influence. In the state of Ohio if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is at .08 or higher or with evidence of ingested a controlled substance for mind-altering purposes is considered a OVI/DUI. It may sound fun to party a little during the holidays but if caught spending time in a jail cell will definitely kill your buzz, along with facing other possible penalties for being convicted of an OVI/DUI in the state of Ohio.

If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at .17% or more this is considered an aggravated OVI/DUI. The punishments are greatly increased with more time in jail or prison and heftier fines and longer suspension of your license. Remember that if this is not your first time the consequences are more severe in the state of Ohio.  

Should you hire an attorney if convicted of an OVI/DUI in Ohio? 

Our team at Hunt Law LLC offers a free consultation that can help you determine if it is the best course of action. There will be no worries about outrageous charges or fees while figuring out how to proceed. Otherwise you can call us at 330.469.9836 today at any time. 

Have fun during the holidays while being safe, and not being a danger to anyone behind the wheel. If you need to have someone else drive that is sober or even calling for a transportation service, it  is always a better option than being behind bars while facing penalties.