In the state of Ohio, there are many drugs that can be considered illegal. Whether you are in possession or distributing the drugs, you could face serious consequences. But what drugs are illegal in Ohio? Let’s break down the drug schedules and the most common ones found in the state. 

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Drug Classifications

In the state of Ohio, illegal drugs are classified in five different schedules, such as: 

  • Schedule I are some of the most dangerous, and they have the highest risk for addiction and abuse. 
  • Schedule II does have some medical use, but there is a potential for abuse.
  • Schedule III has a lower potential for abuse and can be used in more medical applications.
  • Schedule IV and V are less dangerous, but there still remains a probability of abuse. 

When it comes time to sentencing for a drug-related crime, Schedule I drugs can bring the hardest penalties, while Shield V will have the less severe. 

Some Common Illegal Drugs in Ohio

In the state, a wide range of substances may be deemed illegal. Here are some of the most common ones:


Many cities and towns in the United States are struggling with fentanyl usage. It has been associated with a surge in overdose deaths in recent years. This drug is a synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Due to its potency, it has become a popular drug of abuse, and it is illegal in the state. 


Another powerful, deadly, and illegal drug is methamphetamine, or meth. This powerful stimulant affects the central nervous system. Over time, it can cause significant mental health and physical problems. And yes, possession, distribution, and manufacturing of this substance is illegal. 


This non-opioid sedative and analgesic is often used in veterinary medicine. However, it becomes an illegal substance when consumed for human use. 


Cocaine is a powerful stimulant made from the coca plant, and it is a highly illegal drug in the state of Ohio. Depending on the amount, possession of cocaine can be a felony offense. 

Synthetic drugs

These substances are also known as designer drugs. Often, they are designed to mimic the effects of other drugs. Sometimes, these drugs have trace amounts of other illegal substances. If they are tested and the results are positive for an illegal substance, it could mean a drug possession charge for you. 

Medications Without a Valid Prescription

Possession of any of these substances without a prescription from a licensed medical professional is considered illegal. If you need to carry your medications, they must be in a container issued by the pharmacy or provider, with the medical prescriber’s details and your name on the bottle. 

What Is Not Illegal?

Up until last year, marijuana was considered an illegal substance. However, with the passage of Issue 2 on a voter ballot, recreational marijuana usage is now legal in the state. Unfortunately, a few restrictions still need to be worked out with the state legislature, such as where you legally use the substance and where to purchase it legally. 

Learn More About Illegal Drugs in Ohio

Now that you know what drugs are illegal in Ohio, you can hopefully prevent getting charged with a drug offense. In the event that you are arrested or charged with a drug crime, you need an experienced attorney to help with your case.

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