stop human trafficking

Human trafficking has become a major concern over the years. Often, the victims of these crimes might not know where to turn to get the appropriate resources to help in their situations. 

What resources does Ohio offer for victims of human trafficking? Fortunately, the state offers a variety of support services for survivors of these crimes. 

Whether you have been a victim of human trafficking or need to know where to turn for help, here are some resources to help assist during these times. 

Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Victim Services Directory

For those victims in the state of Ohio, the Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Victim Services Directory is a hub that connects trafficking victims and survivors with essential resources. 

Within the directory, there is a searchable database of programs and organizations. These listings feature emergency, transitional, and long-term services for those affected by human trafficking. 

Emergency Shelters

If any human trafficking survivor requires any immediate shelter, there is a directory of these safe havens. Along with offering emergency housing, these shelters can assist with case management and counseling. 

Legal Support

Often, those who have been trafficked may worry about their legal options. Another aspect of the directory is helping connect victims with the right legal aid. In many cases, these victims have not only been abused, but they need assistance with protective orders and even immigration help. 

Psychological Services

As you may imagine, the mental health effects of human trafficking can leave long-term scars for those affected. The directory features specially trained health professionals who are able to assist those individuals with the challenges faced by these incidents. 

However, that is not the only resource in the state. 

Ohio Governor’s Human Trafficking Task Force

Another important resource in the state is the Ohio Governor’s Human Trafficking Task Force. This agency helps to coordinate efforts to combat trafficking, but they do offer help for those who have been affected by these crimes. 

The task force does provide information to assist residents in responding to human trafficking. Anyone can access training materials, educational resources, and best practices for identifying and helping victims.

If there is a suspected case of human trafficking, the task force also lists social service providers, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations that can provide advocacy for those affected individuals.

Since human trafficking is often called a “silent crime,” the task force also created public awareness campaigns to educate Ohio residents about the signs of trafficking. 

With that knowledge, everyone can know how to report suspicious activity.  In turn, that can help victims get the right support they need after these horrendous incidents. 

Nonprofit Efforts

Along with statewide resources, here are a few more organizations and agencies in Ohio that can provide assistance to human trafficking victims:

  • She Has A Name is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that offers education and care for those who may have been affected by human trafficking. Some of the services they provide include support groups, training, and unique programs for survivors to take the next steps toward healing. 
  • Another organization is Collaborative To End Human Trafficking. This agency offers programs centered on awareness, education, training, technical assistance, and community engagement. It focuses on prevention and offers resources to combat trafficking.

Putting an End to Human Trafficking in Ohio

What resources does Ohio offer for victims of human trafficking? There are plenty of options. With these resources, the Buckeye State is making a concentrated effort to combat human trafficking and provide assistance to all victims. 

By taking these steps and using the available rescues, residents can continue to make progress in the fight against this heinous crime. 

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