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Going through a divorce or legal separation is never easy and can be hard for a family, especially if there are children. Understanding all the elements of divorce can better prepare you through the legal process. If you do have kids and are getting a divorce or legal separation in the state of Ohio it is important to know everything about Child Support. Today we will look at who pays for child support? And is there a parental agreement about child support? 

Who Pays for Child Support in Ohio?

Every parent has a legal obligation to support their children. Within the child support laws of Ohio it is assumed that the parent who is living with the children most of the time is the primary residential parent. Their support obligation is being the primary household and the law recognizes this. Therefore the non residential parents are the ones who will typically pay for child support, even if there is shared parenting. 

This does work differently however if there is a split custody agreement. Meaning that when you have more than one child the parents divide the kids between them. In this agreement the parent who has the higher income pays for the child support in Ohio, only at a rate that makes a difference between what each parent is providing. 

Is there a parental child support agreement? 

Parents in Ohio are allowed to have an agreement between themselves. This agreement can determine how much one of them will pay in child support. However a judge must review the agreement and approve of it before making a decision. Judges will not approve of the agreement if it doesn’t meet Ohio’s child support guidelines. The parents will need to show that the amount is in the child’s best interests regarding child support.

Contact an Ohio Child Custody Attorney

Above everything else, it is essential to note that child support is about your children, not you and your ex-partner. At Hunt Law, we offer child support services. We understand that going through a divorce or legal separation can be challenging. Therefore we will offer the advice you need to draft a suitable plan regarding what is in the best interest of the children. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation or call us at 330.469.9836. If you need legal assistance in another area of practice take a look here.